Post-summer bummer

The Desperate Expat Wife considers the generous holidays in Luxembourg to be a major advantage. She especially enjoys it in September when she, comfortably installed on her beach towel, waves a royal goodbye to the majority of fellow holidaymakers who grudgingly pick up their towels and plod back to work and school, making her the queen of the beach for a few more days (oh the secret pleasure of schadenfreude).

© Syda Productions |

© Syda Productions |

Without all those noisy people, she can read in peace and quiet. She picks up a magazine and a headline including the words holiday and blues catches her attention.

The results of a survey done by the travel website Momondo, she reads, shows that one in three get the holiday blues, feeling sad, depressed or just in a really lousy mood coming back from the summer holiday. For many of us, this is the highlight of the year, and we spend a lot of time planning it and looking forward to it, so when it’s over, it’s such a bummer that it can make us feel depressed. Momondo sees this trend across their different markets.

It’s not only the sad fact that the holiday is over that makes us feel this way; about six out of ten feel that it’s hard to go back to work or studies too, especially if the summer holiday has been a long one. Aren’t we spoiled, the Desperate Expat Wife says to herself there on the beach, shaking her head, wondering whatever happened to good old protestant ethics, while she decides to not think about going back to work.

So, what do we tend to do to try and make the transition from holiday to everyday easier, according to this survey? We make plans to spend a little less time at work and more with family and to relax, and we dream about the holiday we just had or the ones to come. Traffic increases on the Momondo website right after the summer holiday, either to sneek in a few more days of holiday or make plans for the next.

Curiously, according to Momondo, it is cheapest to buy your travel 53 days before departure.

The Desperate Expat Wife feels somewhat relieved – spoiled, yet relieved –  to know that she’s not alone feeling this way, and also that it’s not just about the expat blues. Yet, she ponders, feeling blue about returning home after the holiday, when home is in a country that sort of isn’t home or feels like home, might certainly add an extra dimension to this particular kind of blues.

But hey, when that country is Luxembourg, holidays are not much more than 53 days apart, so count the days and keep booking!

For more on Luxembourg & holidays, check here.


By Unni Holtedahl, after the summer holiday, 2015


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