Blue sky and a new school

Things happen in a mother’s heart when her kid goes to school for the first time. Many of you have already experienced this. I got to live it for the first time this year. Or feel it.

Technically it was simple, well organised and not so different from the kindergarten days. I am not going to get all melodramatic about it. I suppose I am not the only one who left her kid sad, all alone in a corner (this is from my spying a little through the window, but I wasn’t the only one so that’s cool), only to find him later in the day happy and excited about his new mates.

What I would like to talk about is an earlier episode from the day we visited his new school for the first time, during an Open Days event. It was a perfect and sunny spring day. Arriving at the bottom of the school stairs, his hand in mine, he stops to tell  me, and I quote:

“Wow, Mom, the sky seems bigger here!”

Suffice to say, I was speechless for a minute. Indeed, the building is quite impressive in size, especially from a child´s perspective. That day is imprinted in my memory as The Sky Day. It was surely not the first time we had stopped and stared at the sky, the clouds, the birds, the airplanes and had a chat about them. But it was the first day I got to see the bluest of blues through a 4-year-old´s eyes.

© Pahham |

© Pahham |

Many of us know that if you look at the sky every day for a minute, you charge yourself with positive energy. On a funnier note, if you think about it, maybe that is the explanation why kids are restless from morning till dawn. They do look. Every day. We, the adults, are always rushing somewhere, too busy or distracted by life to stop and look up. I am not going to say that I myself am doing it consciously on a daily basis, but what I do know is that we can learn so much from our kids.

They have an appreciation for nature and generally for simple things that I rarely get to see amongst adults. We only need to stop, open our eyes and listen. And maybe stop telling them “we have to hurry”. Who knows, their rhythm might work better.


By Sorana Popescu, September 2015


  1. Anamaria says:

    I love this post!! I love M anyway, but trough your words I love him more! He’s spectacularly smart! And I cannot wait to share each other same thoughts from our cuties 🙂
    And indeed, even now when our babies are keeping us awake all night, we should make time to picture in our memory every centimeter of their cute baby face, seen in the safe light.


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