Calling Lost Expats Worldwide

Autumn is a time of change. In weather, in nature, in us – we make a few changes in our homes and wardrobes to greet and get ready for winter.

And so autumn is a good time to change for Clew as well. We wish to be not just Calling Luxembourg Expat Women, but indeed to be Calling Lost Expats Worldwide! It may sound like a big step, but what we see is that so many of our articles already reach that far, talking about issues of interest and help to any expat anywhere or even any reader anywhere – food, design, lifestyle, expat issues, parenting, travel, musings and tales… They are all there in our archives, ready for new readers.


Also, change leads to change: A trio of our great contributors changed countries over the summer and left Luxembourg. Anje will now report from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Dan from Tallinn, Estonia, and Lisa from Berlin, Germany. Clew crossing the Luxembourg borders as well will keep them with us! And who knows, maybe more of us, including our two new contributors Silvia and Sorana (welcome!), will find ourselves in a different place down the line as well – because such is expat life!

Now we really want all our wonderful Luxy readers to stay onboard as well, and all Luxembourg related articles can easily be found on our new menu, top right

We would be ever so grateful if you would all help us spread the word. Maybe some of you would even like to contribute or know somebody somewhere who would – expat, ex-expat or just somebody who loves to write.

So this is how Clew will get ready for winter! As of next #TuesdayIsClewsDay, the Clew Crew is ready to warm you with interesting / useful / helpful / thought-provoking / fun reads and photos – on (and will still take you there too)! Hope to see you around our fireplace!

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From the 2015 Clew garden party


Clew, Calling Lost Expats Worldwide, September 2015


  1. Congratulations on this new rebranding and direction! I’ll look forward to the more international feel of CLEW and will definitely stop by more often to read and comment. Great job CLEW team 🙂


  2. Thank you so much Mandela!


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