Wonderland in Rotterdam

The Markthal in Rotterdam is not only one of the most recent market hall contributions, but quite possibly one of the coolest. This astonishing piece of arched architecture features a ceiling of giant fruits, vegetables and flowers bursting with colours, and combined with regular sized ones in the stalls on the ground, alongside exotic delicacies,  they will transport you  to the south of Europe, or Arabia, or indeed Alice’s Wonderland. Without forgetting that you are in the Netherlands, home of tulips and cheese.

Not only that, you might see people peeping out of a giant chili or pineapple; the building also houses 230 apartments. So this is not just a place of interest for architects, tourists, photographers and foodies, it is a place where the locals live and do their daily shopping.

Rotterdam-based Clew photographer Anje Kirsch has of course been there:

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Photos by Anje Kirsch, October 2015. ©2015 Anje Kirsch


  1. Very nice pictures! I really appreciate the architecture of the market hall and when looking at all the offerings it feels like being in a candy store. Still, I believe that some improvements over time are needed until the Markthal becomes a true food icon.

    And here is my take on it: http://askan.biz/2015/09/12/rotterdam-markthal-netherlands/


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