Don’t leave the leaves behind

I can think of many reasons to love fall; one of them being mother nature’s beautiful colours, another all the the cosy indoor activities.


With all the fallen leaves scattered around in my garden I came up with some simple family DIY activities:


Decorative leaf balls
I used paper to make balls, but you can also use oasis or other types of balls. Glue the leaves around it, let it dry and then place it on the table for decor or hang them up in the window.

Decor wreath
I used a wreath made of thin branches and attached leaves to it with a thread. I think it makes a nice, welcoming touch to my front door.


So no reason not to go out and pick up some colorful leaves!



Text, ideas and photos: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, autumn 2015


  1. Time and talent.. both are in short supply in my little world. Lovely work, Ann-Kristin –


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