The college vibe

There’s something missing in most colleges around the world and it doesn’t take long to realize what it is: vibrant campus life. Aside from the US, plus a small handful of schools in Canada, Europe and beyond, most colleges are strewn across sections of cities here and there without much of a central meeting grounds: a square or commons area. Because of that, nothing binds the students to the school or each other. That’s no way to create a college atmosphere.

The word college comes from Latin collegium, “a partnership”. Partner that with Latin universitas, “the whole”, going to college or university implies becoming part of the whole, becoming universal. That’s what makes those college years so enriching.

Some might think the high school years are the best. They’re wrong. Still living under their parents’ roof, high school kids are unable to truly set themselves free. They’re busy dealing with pimples and other insecurities… like where to go to college. College kids are past such anxieties. They’re ready to cut loose from parents and internal anxiety.

If you’ve gone to college, you know what kinds of kids these are: healthy, glowing youth experiencing a sense of freedom with open minds and little inhibition. Quite frankly, there’s something about college life that brings life to everyone’s life. That’s why so many podunk towns are called college towns; they kick the cows out and bring a bunch of college kids in. Everything then comes alive.

That’s because college kids do everything to the utmost. They go out a lot, drink a lot, play a lot, study a lot, sex a lot. In short, they live a lot. They know how to have fuuuuunn!!! Not fun with three letters like adults and kids but fuuuuunn!!! If you were at a Clew party a year or so ago you know what I mean when I spell it like that.

© Sonya Etchison |

© Sonya Etchison |

Unfortunately, not all places with a college have that kind of fuuuuunn!!! The Grand Duchy is one such place. There’s no college vibe. Sure, there’s a college (a research university, actually), but it lacks a college feel. One look at the website and you will get my point. The average age of the people in the pictures has got be around 45. That’s not the only higher learning website that looks so lame.

Where are the coeds? Where are the school colors? What about sports or the Arts? Nothing other than a robot, a drone, and stodgy looking academic types. Quite frankly, kids in college should care more about dorm life than office politics. College is a time to open minds, beer bottles, and co-ed clothing instead of one’s stock portfolio or Gucci bag.

Nothing wrong with being career-minded, but so soon in life? A real college website has pictures of  girls and guys in t-shirts and jeans; relaxed smiles, fresh faces. Nothing stuffy about that. They’re at college and having fuuuuunn!!!  They’re not thinking about the professional world. They’ve got Friday night in mind and know Saturday night soon follows.

To sum it up, in high school kids masturbate in shame. In college they fuck with frivolity. After that, they become adults procreating dutifully and any kind of fun goes back to having just three letters.


By Dan Franch, October 2015

Dan is also a  cartoonist for

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