Moving – a second chance

Moving is the perfect time to re-evaluate your life. Some say there are no second chances in life, but who ever said that has never moved to another continent. Starting over in a new country is actually a second chance. If you want to.

I admit – the hardest part about moving can be having to find a life. Not just figure out how to find your way to schools or the nearest supermarket, but setting up a life with insurances, banks, mobile phones, doctors, hairdressers, new neighbors and, hopefully, friends.

At the same time this can be the best part of moving. You get to redefine who you are and who you want to be. Do I drive my car or rather take a bus or bike everywhere? Do I shop at the big discounter or am I the organic only type of person?  Am I Posh Spice or Sporty Spice? Maybe even color my hair and try out to be Ginger Spice? Whatever new identity you pick out, nobody is there to question you – “but, you never used to…” or “that is so unusual for you”

Moving is a great opportunity to become a better version of yourself. It’s like an upgrade. Maybe finally start up a monthly saving. Become a healthy eater. Actually not even buy a car but start commuting by bike. Be the nice guy who introduces herself / himself to the new neighbors. It’s a clean plate. An empty room to decorate.

© 72soul |

© 72soul |

The same goes for your hobbies, weekend activities and holiday traditions. Keep whatever you love, come up with new things to try and shake things up a bit in other areas.

Change yoga to boxing, evenings on the sofa to romantic walks after dinner, Christmas dinner with the whole clan to SPA hotel in a nice destination. Or the other way around… It’s the perfect occasion to try something you might have dreamed about but never took the step to do. It’s that Monday we keep talking about (“I’ll start on Monday”).

Whatever you do – don’t waste time trying to build up the exact same life you had before, in a new place. It’s not meant to be and you will only be disappointed. The climate might be different, the culture and the language might be a challenge.

Instead, adjust. Focus on the good things and enjoy this new chance you’ve been given. The second chance.


By Lisa Fuchs, November 2015


More on second chances here.


  1. “Reinvent your past” is the phrase on a friend’s t-shirt –


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