Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m making this short, I know you’re really busy with the kids! I just want to tell you I have been good this year and tried most of the time to reeaaally listen to…myself (who else?!) So, here’s my list:

© Dmitry Kotin |

© Dmitry Kotin |

♥ Books, books…more books (you choose – I am not picky)

♥ Shoes. Period. (Hey, I can go pick them up myself, since you’re busy and all)

♥ You know I like music, so Pink Floyd’s The Endless River CD would fit just fine under my tree (yep Santa, the one that includes “The Lost Art of Conversation”)

♥ Some selective hearing (don’t forget I’m an expat)

♥ A sunny, snowy day or two (you know where I live)

♥ Some free ME time (nooo, it’s not overrated!)

Photo: Silva La Rosa

Photo: Silva La Rosa

Oh, and maybe you could talk Jamie, or Nigella, or Anthony, or James into paying us a visit and wrap up some Christmas dishes (ok, this is sooo not happening…)

Thank you, Santa, and please, please don’t forget the Big Kids!


Letter to Santa from Sorana, Christmas 2015

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