Wrap it in!

For as  long as I can remember, I have taken huge pleasure in wrapping gifts. Each Christmas I change the theme, from glitzy paper to pure white. This year I go for rustic, natural nostalgia.

For me, reusing materials is important, so when I came cross some old books in bad condition, I decided to use them as gift wrapping paper and ornaments. I went back to my childhood days  and brought the memories of the «snowflakes» into this year’s theme. I think these little ornaments add an extra touch to a neutrally wrapped present, don’t you agree? If you have forgotten how to make snowflakes, I’ll show you step by step:


Fold – tie – draw – cut – fold out & paste!

Nice, relaxing activity to do on a pre-Christmas evening with a cup of tea, music and relaxation… or with your children!



Remember last year’s Christmas star?

Idea, text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, December 2015


  1. very creative. love this wrapping.


  2. Very beautiful! So simply genius!


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