Poetry in… static equilibrium  – Q&A

What came first, the question or the answer? A wild guess? It seems inconsequential. And yet, every once in a while a question is left unanswered and every once in a while there seems to be an answer that is  given without a former question. Because these days answers are just a click away. Floating free and waiting for someone, anyone,to look them up. In a manner that would lead you to believe that an answer comes before you even get the chance to ask the question.

And still, every now and then, a question is left unanswered almost like a prayer is. What would  the question be to which the answer would unequivocally be: Love?

The most underrated question, yet the one that is always haunting our minds and our memories would “definitely maybe” be: What if? And its answer would almost always start with: If only I …

And without a doubt we all have our yes and no  answers. And then we all have our maybe answers. As well as I don’t know (don’t have the answer, don’t know because I have yet to discover the secret).

And then we go on with our rhetorical questions. So, here’s one that falls into that category, for every once in a while a question is better left unanswered:

Have we got enough poetry in our lives?


By Sorana Popescu, December 2015