Strategy for Christmas fever

Call me crazy, but this Christmas I will not go crazy looking for Christmas presents. And I am considering whether to continue with my tradition of sending holiday cards to everyone and then receive some replies ‘next year’.

I remember being a kid and helping my darling Grandma to shop for the postcards (0.1 $ each) and stamps (5 times the price of the card), and then calligraphing her friends and family, depending on the year’s budget.


And my cards? No matter how original, unique, witty and sparkling in my perception, did not seem to get noticed much and rewarded with a full mailbox in return.

This Christmas, I am finally ready to break my beloved Granny’s curse to try to make everyone happy. It is time to say it aloud – sending 1000 handwritten postcards and giving away 100 artistically packed, stunning presents is not going to make me a better person, neither shall it affect how confident I feel about myself.

This Christmas I am to look carefully at the list of things I always do and check if I really intend to continue doing these things forever.

My wish list for Christmas?

  • cuddle
  • kiss
  • take walks on a snowy beach
  • play pastel chess in the evenings
  • laugh loud when loosing
  • smile when reading  a book
  • and focus not on making everything perfect, but on respecting Myself first. Because if I don’t do it, how can I expect anyone else to?
© Jim Roberts |

© Jim Roberts |


Christmas thoughts by Beata Mordawska, December 2015

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