Homemade sweets for Christmas

Here are a few quick ideas for festive family fun in the kitchen:

Snowglobe snowman

It’s as easy as it looks; thread your marshmallows on to a wooden skewer cut to size and leave enough space for his rolo hat, use melted chocolate for his eyes and buttons and finish off with laces for the scarf and nose! Use a bit more melted chocolate to stick him to a biscuit and place in a jam jar!


Giant Mikado sticks

Carefully brush your breadsticks with melted chocolate, white, dark or milk, then roll in hundreds and thousands, or sprinkles. You can go multi-coloured, green and red, I used mini chocolate balls. Then leave to set…


Chocolate drops

Melt the chocolate of your choice then use a teaspoon to ‘drop’ chocolate on to a sheet of baking parchment. I topped mine with chopped pistachios, chopped cranberries, freeze dried raspberries, and sprinkles. Leave to set in a cool place but not in the fridge. Then pack into little gift boxes.


Rice Crispie Christmas trees

You will need either to make a cone shape from the cereal box lined with greaseproof paper or use oiled champagne flutes to get the right shape.

To make four, melt 40g of butter together with 100 g of chocolate (can also use dark chocolate). Let it cool a little then add 200g rice crispies and 200g of mini marshmallow or chopped normal ones and 50g dried cranberries. Place in the mould and leave to set in a cool place, again not in the fridge.

Remove from the moulds then decorate with a strawberry lace or coloured icing and sprinkle with icing sugar.


And of course there are the traditional chocolate truffles and vanilla fudge which always go down well… !


Happy Sweets!


Text and photos by Alison Korter-Lacki, December 2015

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