Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

As I sat down to write to you, I actually got both a writer’s block and a wish block. So I started googling around, and did you know that there’s a website called Do you even google, or read web letters, or e-mail? It would be kind of cute if you didn’t, but I guess you do since your sleigh is quite heavily loaded with electronic gadgets every Christmas. Anyway, this website says that when writing to you, grown-ups need to use pen and paper. Our brains work better then it says, and if grown-ups write letters to you, they should be important and our brains should for sure be working.

© Dmitry Kotin |

© Dmitry Kotin |

It also says to be home alone, everything quiet, all snuggled up. And then try to remember what it was like to be a child who believed in you. Because you know what, Santa, even if grown-ups don’t believe in you anymore, none of us have forgotten what it was like. The anticipation and excitement still in our stomacs. The slight doubt, the glimpse of a familar tie, quickly blurred by the unfailing conviction that you exist.

So basically, we shouldn’t be all serious grown-ups, but take care of the kid in there and even let her out, let ourselves believe in silly things for a little while – oops, sorry Santa – you’re not silly, and it doesn’t have to be silly to believe in silly things. Besides, we’re home alone, nobody will know.

Then it says to fill you in on the reasons for our Christmas wish to you, with simple words, like a child. I’m sure that has nothing to do with you and your capacity to read and understand complicated language, I think it is to make things clearer in our own heads.

And I think that’s exactly what I’ve done; I’ve filled you in and cleared my head. So, I wish – for myself and for all grown-ups – to use more pen and paper, have more me-time and/or quiet-time, snuggle up more often and stop being so darned grown-up all the time! Don’t you think we’d have more fun then, Santa, and maybe life would be simpler too!

A grown-up man who I believe believed in you once said that  the real trouble with the world is that too many people grow up. I believe you know his name extremely well; Walt Disney.


PS: No packaging or reindeer required, all you need to do is send the right Santa vibes, so there’s still time before Christmas! Please. Thank you.


Letter to Santa from Unni Holtedahl, December 2015

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