From all of Clew to all of you

♥ Clew Christmas greetings ♥

These are some of the things the Clew crew had to say to Santa this year:

“I just want to tell you I have been good this year and tried most of the time to reeaaally listen to…myself (who else?!)” – Sorana

“… this year I am going to ask you to bring my share of any gifts to those who really need them. I am thinking especially of those women risking their lives to bring their children to safer countries. Give them some joy and please make sure they get to see their children smile this holiday.” – Lisa

“Take care of lonely souls, dressed only with their solitude, those who lost their way, their sense of Christmas and the sense of their days, waiting for something or someone who will never come back again.” – Silvia

“…can you bring me a Christmas, one like when my family was all together. You know da’ one, the last one when I last truly believed.” – Dan

“So basically, we shouldn’t be all serious grown-ups, but take care of the kid in there and even let her out, let ourselves believe in silly things for a little while – oops, sorry Santa – you’re not silly, and it doesn’t have to be silly to believe in silly things. ” – Unni

A Clew Christmas on Instagram @clewmag:

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There’s no Christmas without chocolate. This is how you make the chocolate in the Insta gallery – you’ll make it quicker than Santa can climb down the chimney:

♥ Take 200g of good quality dark chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie

♥ Pour on a tray clad with baking paper and spread in a thin layer

♥ Sprinkle with nuts, dried fruit, good salt…whatever you fancy!

♥ Leave cold until hard and break into bits – uneven is charming

While we’re at it, some Christmas cheese perhaps (while Santa is still struggling his way down the chimney)?

♥ Heat a whole round Brie for 15 min on 175°C. In the meantime, heat some good honey and add dried nuts and fruit of your choice, pour over the Brie and serve immediately.

And there’s no Christmas without a Christmas story, one that will give us a good cry. Clew aims to bring you good stories for Christmas and all year. This time we’ll give you a classic – here’s Auggie Wren’s Christmas story:

And there should be no Christmas without poetry. Clew brings you poetry every once in a while, yet we join our own Sorana when she asks if we have enough poetry in our lives. This is by Clew’s Dan Franch:

A child’s eyes rise into the sky,
make of it what a child will

gaze through a window pane
where frost has not yet taken hold

and stare in patient awe
as midnight draws near

A flicker of light; silver, gold, red
sets the mind free this time of year.

You and I wonder at the their wonder
are easily led back to being young

and wherever it was we were
when wonder was still wonderful

childhood was the present not the past.
Where has it gone I ask as I stare down

shiver and shake the cold
lift my eyes up high

ponder the passage of time
wonder, as well; wish perhaps.

Amid so much magic
all can be awed –


♥ From all of Clew to all of you – a very peaceful Christmas ♥

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