Bangkok: The Food

In a photo series,  Clew photographer Lisbeth Ganer will take you to Bangkok. People. Food. Culture.

First the people. Now the food – because, in Bangkok, where there is people, there will be food:

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Bangkok food facts:

  • Bangkok = street food. Check out some of the best streets and places for it here.
  • You could of course go to restaurants as well. Considered a/the leading expert in the world on Thai food, David Thompson is, as the name reveals, not Thai but Australian. Visit Metropolitan by COMO and see if you agree. The first celebrity chef in Thailand is considered to be Ian Kittichai, and you can taste his creations here. Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava was voted best female chef in Asia last year, and this is where you go to get a taste of her culinary creations.
  • Watch out, in Bangkok you waiter might turn out to be a robot.
  • Red Bull has been a popular drink since 1976. Chaleo Yoovidhya, the man who invented it, was said to be the third richest man in Thailand when he died in 2012.
  • Bangkok = food markets, whereof the best known ones are floating. These are some of the popular floating markets in Bangkok: Amphawa, also popular with locals, is covering a whole neighbourhood. Khlong Lat Mayom is more relaxed, with a garden athmosphere. Taling Chan is famous for its roasted seafood, and Bang Nam Phueng is one of the more recent contributions.
  • What you’d typically get for lunch from one of the boats is “boat noodles”. The secret is in the broth, and apparently, in a dab of pig blood…

The floating markets are indeed a part of Bangkok culture, which takes us to the next part of our Bangkok photo series… Stay tuned!


Photography by Lisbeth Ganer, food facts collected by Unni Holtedahl, January 2016. ©2015 Lisbeth Ganer.

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