The Expat Wife App Selection

(Desperate) expat wives spend their time shopping, having lunch with girlfriends, playing tennis, driving kids around and organising the home. Oh, and they drink wine. And the occasional cocktail. As expat wives also can get lonely, it is important to get out of the house to do all these things instead of doing them at home; electronic device in one hand, glass of wine in the other. Hence our app selection for expat wives – for more inspiration and less desperation, most of them free.

What to wear

Expat wives always go to great lengths to look their best, but are only human and will have their “I-have-nothing-to wear” days. Apps for those days:

Stylebook – a closet / wardrobe organizer and outfit planner. Hey, an app that might make you wear the things in the back of your closet and make new combinations instead of just grabbing the same old things! Even expat wives with all the time in the world to browse the closet need that.

Polyvore – take a taste quiz and “like” stuff (oh, what fun!) and Polyvore will show you styles that match your taste. You might find yourself not needing your personal shopper anymore (every expat wife has one, right?)

Stylect. Shoes. Say no more. Stylect sets out to help you meet the shoes of your dreams –  and will let you know how to get a bargain on them. Who needs Tinder?

Girls vector (3)

Lunch time

The expat wife entertains. Foodgawker helps her, gathering recipes from the best food bloggers around the world.

Oh dear, I don’t quite understand the recipes in my new country… Escoffier Cook’s Companion helps you convert measures and understand ingredients and utensils.

But of course, most of the time you go out for lunch, with your expat girlfriends. The Fork and Gogobot are two of the apps out there to help you find a restaurant.

Cocktails & Chardonnay

Cocktail Flow – no further explanation needed.

A personal wine assistant? Didn’t know you needed one? Well, now you do. Hello Wine recommends wine with every meal – down to the pizza topping – or vice versa, also letting you scan your wine and give you information and recommendations.

Vivino is kind of a social media wine app. That might come in handy!


Travel in expat wife style – with the Relais & Chateaux app. Exquisite hotels and fine dining.

Or do as the locals, with the help of Spotted by Locals. Often the best experiences!

Gogobot helps you find places, sights and adventures as well.

Lifestyle & training

With all those lunches, wine and coctails, you might want to get MyFitnessPal – a calorie counter and diet tracker. Or then again – maybe not?

Tennis Serve lets you think your iPhone or iPod is a tennis racket. But maybe the real thing is better?

Endomondo is a fitness tracker and personal training app to get you motivated or increase your motivation.

Taxi driver

Taxi Parking Real Car Driving Simulator – can you pick up your passengers and drop them at their destinations in time? The perfect game app!


Every expat wife needs help to organise all these activities!

You’ve found your personal shopper-app, now you need a personal assistant. 24me keeps track of what to buy, bills to pay, who to meet, where to meet them, when to leave to get there and how to get there.

Wunderlist – for wonder women who love list making. Get things done!



Accurate expat wife descriptions and adapted app list by Unni Holtedahl, February 2016






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