Imagine it, play it & let people love it

All good things must come to an end – this is our last Clew edition. We will end the Clew story with some encouragement along your expat way. Beata encourages you to be weird and weak around your friends – inspired by Friends – and don’t forget the importance of humour.

I guess everybody has watched Friends at least once. Really difficult to avoid coming across them on TV during the last 22(!) years.

I always adored Chandler’s wit and uncomfortable jokes, especially after he accidentally got together with Monica and they stuck together till the end of the show. Years passed by, with innumerable laughs as his best Friends tried to articulate what it actually was that Chandler was doing for living – and failed. And then, finally, his decision to give up his job to look for something with meaning. Which in fact meant becoming an intern in a marketing company at the crucial moment when he and Monica were trying to have a baby.  Could he have picked a less convenient moment?

Or maybe it was actually the perfect moment? It’s just a sitcom, probably not made to be deeply analysed, but rather
watched with pleasure by those who take delight in it. But it is indeed one of the greatest TV shows of all times, one we’re watching over and over again on Comedy Central and possibly one of the most relaxing shows as well.

Maybe because we learn to take life less dead-seriously?

We love them not because they are perfect, but because they’re weak and weird, and for their ability to go through the adventure of life with humour and wonderful lightness.  They experiment to show us how much is actually possible. Why is that? Because the scriptwriters, producers and actors imagined it possible. And in doing so, they could play the show which could be recorded and broadcasted, and right after – loved by us.

Isn’t that a sound recipe for a hit?

PS. Behind the scenes, there was a lot of work involved incrusted with passion and dedication to the purpose. That’s when nothing is impossible.

By Beata Mordawska, February 2016 will stay open for old and new readers – many clever words to read and re-read.