Where are we now?

Even if Clew is no longer going strong, its contributors are! Check out what the ex-Clews are doing and feel free to follow us!

If you’re into interior & styling, DIYs or you’d like to shop for vintage treasures, visit our ex-decorista, the talented Ann-Kristin, on mintbyme.com

If you’re into photography, visit our wonderful ex-photographer Lisbeth on lisbethganerphotography.com and check out her fantastic portraits – of both people and dogs – as well as nature and lifestyle pictures.

Read Silvia’s poetic musings on the Windrose blog (Italian and English)- and if you’re speak Italian, check out what she does on fashion on verdetiffany

If you want to create & connect, Miranda is the one for you! Get inspired to create your life, your work, your art…

If you’re an expat headed home, or thinking about heading home, or having just moved home, or in general interested in repatriation issues and reverse culture shock, follow The Repat on repatriateme.com (aka ex-editor Unni).



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