Christmas biscuits

A great way to while away an afternoon listening to Christmas tunes! Here are a few fun ideas for making biscuits. This Christmas tree is just stacked stars:  Or make a snowflake garland:   Here is the recipe for vanilla sugar biscuits, makes 24 large biscuits: Ingredients 225g unsalted butter 225g light brown sugar ½ […]

Happy Soup Season!

This week the colours in the forest are breathtaking, they almost make up for the dark mornings and evenings, it is the really rich reds, oranges and golds that are only there for a short time just before the leaves fall.   Nature’s colours are also inspiring for the kitchen, as you find the wonderful […]

Summer salads

Delicious summer salads for you, all serve 4 people. Why not give them all a go!   Summer crunch 200g pack small button mushrooms, finely sliced juice 1 lemon 200g green beans trimmed handful of soft green herbs such as basil, chervil, parsley, tarragon 100g cherry tomatoes, quartered 3 tbsp olive oil 75g parmesan shaved into […]

Time for a picnic!

I am a bit of a romantic, or perhaps just nostalgic, but I love a good picnic. A tartan picnic rug, white linen napkins, old fashioned cutlery. Just add sunshine, a grassy field and some lovely food. Heaven! One of the many things I love about Luxembourg is the variety of bread and rolls you […]

Kids in the kitchen, kids at the table

It isn’t always easy to find time and inspiration for the evening meal when both parents are working, and then you set the plate of food down in front of your children and they turn their nose up at it! Even when one parent stays at home to look after the children, and has prepared […]

Breakfast special

First post of 2014, so I’ll start at the beginning. Breakfast! For a CLEW team breakfast, I took along fig bircher muesli, which is easily and – more importantly – quickly thrown together the night before, ready to be spooned into bowls the next morning. It was a big hit! I found that a raspberry […]

Nutty season

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of crates of local walnuts from a friend, half of which have already travelled over the channel to be shared amongst relatives back in the UK. Every time I walk past my share I get another idea of what to do with them – such a versatile […]

Halloween treats

Halloween is a great time to get your children’s imagination going, and it should be a hands on operation rather than an open your purse operation! It is pumpkin season, so keep your little ones busy by letting them attack the pumpkin. Keep the seeds to dry and roast in the oven. Or try making some […]

Apple picking time!

My local orchards are open to the public! Not only was I lucky enough to get some delicious apples but I could pick quetsch damson plums too! The orchard Les Vergers de Steinsel is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to pick your own fruit. You can buy boxes there or take your […]

Speedy suppers

September is the month when our lives regain speed after the summer slow down. More meetings at work, more business trips, kids back to school, parents evenings, children’s activities, night school, language classes, more traffic and the list goes on. So adjusting back to the pace can be tough. Already the weather isn’t helping us […]