Midsummer up north

The midsummer celebration is an old pre-Christianity tradition in many European countries, mostly so those in the north.  At some stage however Rome decided that church should be part of it, so instead of celebrating the solstice, the nature and fertility – everyone were now supposed to celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. 

Yummy home-made butter!

“Be careful not to over whip the cream or you’ll end up with butter!” Ever heard that phrase? I have, and I’ve certainly told my kids enough times. Now – what if we actually do “over whip” that cream today? Let’s make delicious home made butter!

Healthy eating on a budget

Would you like to eat healthy whole food, buy only organic and not totally blow your budget? At first this might seem impossible when you check the price tags, but stay calm and keep reading – I’ll give you my personal tricks for feeding your family awesome food while keeping the cost down. Let’s start […]

Book release: New & exciting ways of baking

Passionate foodie and CLEW contributor Lisa Fuchs releases her first  cookbook “Delicious grain free baking”. Read more about it and get a sneak peek at one of the fancy recipes. After about a year of intense blogging of grain free baking recipes, I realized that I kept coming back to some of my recipes. I […]

Sticking to a diet

So you made it your resolution a while back that 2014 was going to be a healthy year? And how is that working for you? Restricting ourselves in any way never sounds tempting. I’ll give you a few hints though on how to be able to stick to it. When we first started our journey […]

Shopping healthy

The new year has started and I bet most of you have one new year’s resolution in common. You want to eat healthy. Right? You have probably heard of trendy diets like Atkins, LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and Paleo (eat like a caveman). So where do you even begin? You begin when you go shopping. […]

Liesel’s grain free Christmas Muesli

Living grain free can be hard, especially this time of year. The shops and Christmas markets are full of so called “treats”, containing a lot of things that might not really be a treat for our bodies. Staying away from all of that is easier if you give yourself some great healthy alternatives that will […]

Ginger-raspberry cupcake

The challenge when baking gluten free (grain free) and sugar free is the taste. I’m all for “looks” in the sense that the stuff I bake should look delicious, but I also want it to be a taste experience. Last year I read about the health benefits of eating ginger so I started using the […]

Pimp your water!

Pimp your water! Summer is on, and the temperatures are rising – even in Luxembourg. And we are constantly told to “drink more water”. Water is healthy – I know it, you know it too. But even so, it can be quite boring. I know a lot of people who simply never drink water, just […]

Have some vegetables for dinner!

Are you making an effort to serve vegetables to every meal (OK, most meals) you cook? Stop that! Yes, I know, that’s weird advice, but you see, I don’t think you should think about what veg to add to your meal. I think the vegetables should be your meal. Everything else is what you’re adding. […]