More food!

Thai street food

Clew is in a Thai mood with our photographer Lisbeth Ganer’s fabulous photo series from Bangkok. This week’s focus is on food, so let’s not content ourselves to looking at food photos – let’s make Thai food! Street food is a huge must when in Bangkok, but if you’re not going there any time soon, […]

A fishy feast

So we’re all more stuffed with Christmas food than a giant turkey and we can stand the smell of it no more. Quite often it’s the said turkey or some meat’n potatoes variation. Tradition oblige. But how about fish?


Sushi artists at work – captured by Clew photographer Lisbeth. Or… “I’m not making art, I’m making sushi.” – Masaharu Morimoto (the Iron Chef) “In Japanese sushi restaurants, a lot of sushi chefs talk too much.” -Masa Takayama (owner of 3 star Michelin restaurant Masa in Manhattan) “Kids are now eating things like edamame and sushi. […]

Wonderland in Rotterdam

The Markthal in Rotterdam is not only one of the most recent market hall contributions, but quite possibly one of the coolest. This astonishing piece of arched architecture features a ceiling of giant fruits, vegetables and flowers bursting with colours, and combined with regular sized ones in the stalls on the ground, alongside exotic delicacies,  they will transport you  to the […]

Prawns in a gutter

If you visit Norway during the summer, you’ll discover that Norwegians love to eat prawns, to the point where we regularly host prawn parties. We like to serve them simply with butter, mayo and lemon, on a piece of white bread. And peeling is part of the fun! So when I recently hosted a «Norwegian» garden party […]

Lëtz go Danish!

A bit of a Danish October on CLEW – let’s make a Danish classic – smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). Firstly, you’ll need some good, thinly sliced rye bread. Make it yourself, or get a good one from your local baker.   Toppings So many toppings, from simple classics to trendy gourmet. Here are some fairly simple suggestions […]

Finish your plate!

-Finish your plate! A well-known mom-/dadism still in use. Now there’s a study to show that we actually do finish our plates – in general. The study, from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, reveals that adults eat 92% of the food they put on their plate, on average. One can easily dish out reasons for this, […]

Adopting traditions

Today, 12 days after Christmas, we celebrate Epiphany – or Three Kings Day, or the Twelfth Day – the day baby Jesus was presented to the three wise men. It is a public holiday in many countries.  As expats, we have adopted the tradition of the galette des rois – King cake – a French tradition […]

Let’s hear it for Monaco!

Today we celebrate a country way tinier than little Luxembourg. It’s the national day of a country of fast cars, few taxes and a mythical royal family – Monaco.

Smart grocery shopping

Simple and practical tips on how to improve the way you do your grocery shopping, getting the most out of it and spending less money by the end of the month. Grocery shopping is often expensive, however with a little effort, one can actually have the best products while keeping costs under control. Organization is the […]