Feelgood places

- cafés, shops, walks, neighbourhood spots and more

Leaving Luxembourg: Lisa’s favourites

Like every expat who has moved countries a few times, also I get asked – so which is your favorite country so far? And my answer is always a smile and the well rehearsed: Well, every place has its ups and downs… And every country we’ve lived in has a special place in my heart. […]

Have your cake and eat it too

Bergamote Restaurant, 2, Place de Nancy, Belair. Gourmet restaurant with feelgood factor much thanks to the people working there. Casual, relaxed and friendly athmosphere, and the right place to discover the taste of – bergamot. Café de Paris, at the Place d’Armes. Wine bar and bistro. A CLEW fav for an after-shopping crémant or a […]

Lëtz have coffee

There’s nothing like a nice cup of something warm this time of year! It also matters where you have it, not only for the coffee beans or the tea selection, but for the importance of having a café life. Here are some suggestions in Lux. Black Notes Coffeeshop, 42, Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg-Gare. Café des Capucins, 14a, […]

September Song

Oh, it’s a long, long while from May to December But the days grow short when you reach September… All of a sudden the green anticipation of May seems long gone, and the days have indeed grown short. Still, I had planned to claim that September is always nice in Luxembourg, but realise I have […]


Sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house. Hopefully, your home is one of your feelgood places, but there are also local online places to go for that feelgood feeling, and some of them can also up the feelgood factor of your home. Head over to studiomick.com for local designs that makes you smile: […]

A taste of home

Homesick? A touch of the (in)famous (expat) blues? Here’s a Kinderegg quickfix – 3 in 1:  Somewhere you can 1) shout out a cheerful “hello!” in your own language when you open the door, 2) get comfort food from back home and thus 3) pretend is home. And by the way, who says an authentic taste… or drop… or glimpse… of […]

Guilt-free shopping in Trier

Ironically, one of the great things about living in wealthy Luxembourg is its proximity to Germany, one of the least expensive countries in Europe according to the Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2012. Groceries cost 38% more in the Grand Duchy than in Germany and restaurant prices are a shocking 66% higher, calculates Numebo. So […]

Fresh air never hurt anyone

Bambäsch. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? And so close to the city. Pick a trail and make sure you don’t walk too fast, or you’ll miss the colours, the flowers, the woodpecker, the mushrooms… Be aware of people running like mad, they might be the Get Fit group – you may even wish to join […]


Ben & Pepper, 21, Avenue de la Liberté Luxembourg – Gare. Clew loves the mix – vintage and new, well-known designers and local designers en herbe. And the cute owners. A different actor on the Lux shopping stage! Don’t forget to check out the Danish jewelry in the back! Fleuriste Roger Klein, Place de Strasbourg, Luxembourg […]

The way you wear your hat

CLEW is at a bit of a loss here. Not that you can’t find nice clothes in Lux, but where are the special boutiques, and the feelgood factor…? Machines like H&M don’t provide that feeling, neither does the staff in certain places (quite the contrary, CLEW dares say). Or, as the local boulangère says it: “Toutes ces enseignes de luxe – il n’y a […]