Another place, another time

There are places in town that will take you elsewhere… Cinemathèque, Place du Théâtre. A time travel, already when you enter the building and walk up the beautiful stairs to watch a classic movie. Even the cashier seems to belong to some other time. Cinema Paradiso for children Sundays at 15.00, open air cinema in […]


Feelgood places next door: France Chez Michele, Languimberg, Lorraine. If you take off from the motorway in the middle of nowhere, just like that, patiently following the row of tractors, you might just get a pleasant surprise. Like “Chez Michele”, a gourmet restaurant where you really don’t expect to find one, with tasteful decor and […]


Feelgood places next door: Germany Mosel: Biking along the Mosel, waving to camping tourists, picnicing among the vines or under a tree, stopping at a Weinstube or in a quaint village… Makes you feel a bit like this. Mosel: Weingut Markus Molitor, Bernkastel-Wehlen / Zeltingen-Rachtig. For excellent winetasting in a pleasant environment with wonderful view […]


Feelgood places next door: Belgium La Ferronière, on the heights of Bouillon in the Belgian Ardennes (a good hour from Lux). Tiny, cute hotel  with a gourmet restaurant combining cosy and château. The smell of woodfire in winter, the adorable garden in the summer, and the always welcoming hosts add to the feelgood-factor. Ideal for Sunday lunch, […]

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