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Happy Yogis!

After a wonderful first ‘Happy Yogis Evening’ (HYE), a new HYE will take place this month in Luxembourg City, at LeneLife @ Le Bec Fin. This will be a great opportunity to socialise with fellow yogis and yoga instructors, find out more about yoga, and indulge in a selection of delicious food.

Kitchen Table Conversation

ASBL’s in Luxembourg are invited to suggest topics for a free demonstration of a Kitchen Table Conversation centered on their concern: Kitchen Table Conversations are an innovative process designed to gather information and test concepts. With over 1,000 Conversations successfully conducted for a variety of organisations in 47 cities in 9 different countries, the hallmarks […]

Expets: Physical therapy

Is your (ex)pet getting on in years – arthritic maybe? Or recovering from surgery or an injury? Slightly overweight perhaps? Or just in need of getting more fit, like many of us? Then physiotherapy can help.  Animal physiotherapy works in much the same way as physiotherapy for humans, treating many of the same conditions, and it is […]

Goodbye Hamilius

Going underground; a tribute to Hamilius as we know it – by Clew photographer Anje Kirsch: Photos by Anje Kirsch, June 2015. © 2015 Anje Kirsch

A Day at the Fair

– What?? You’ve never been to the Anglican Church Fair? Through the years, this is the reaction I’ve had from different people when I’ve admitted I haven’t; a reaction which always left me somewhat puzzled. I mean, what’s the big deal? So last Sunday I went to the Anglican Church Fair to find out for myself. And it […]

Unique in Europe

Hurry to Echternach today to experience the famous dancing procession, the last of its kind in Europe! This Roman Catholic dancing procession is held every Whit Tuesday in the streets of Echternach. It honours Wilibrord, the patron saint of Luxembourg, who established Echternach Abbey. The procession draws 12 000 – 14 000 pilgrims, whereof 8 000 – 9 000 are dancers, as […]

Wine, Taste, Enjoy!

The title says it all – once again Luxembourg wine growers invite you into their cellars, on Whitsun weekend. 

The Optimist Maidens

The name alone is enough to join the Optimist Maidens – who happen to be a cricket club!  Established in Walferdange in 1993, The Optimist Maidens Cricket Club (OMCC) is a women’s cricket club, from age 15 and up. And it’s not just cricket either,it’s also a social thing. The maidens had their pre-season social event […]

The Luxembourg Food Academy

Attention all foodies: The Luxembourg Food Academy is launched! This non-profit organization aims to teach and inform people of all ages about food, nutrition and cooking, and to promote food education with a focus on regional, seasonal and sustainable food. The Luxembourg Food Academy hopes to be a fun and informative platform that makes people aware of the impact […]

From diapers to dating

We parents need support – from family, friends, other parents or professionals – as our children pass from diapers to I-will-only-wear-pink to I-have-nothing-to-wear (so-I-slam-the-door) to the time they will actually wear nothing with a partner. Underneath there might be other, more serious layers. For expat parents, away from their own country, culture and family, it […]