Lëtz Create – Linda Dieschourg

Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The March talk is with Linda Dieschourg of Kinlake and Orla Collective. 1. What is CREATIVITY? Creativity is so vast. I believe it can represent a whole lifestyle, but it can also represent the way we respond […]

From diapers to dating

We parents need support – from family, friends, other parents or professionals – as our children pass from diapers to I-will-only-wear-pink to I-have-nothing-to-wear (so-I-slam-the-door) to the time they will actually wear nothing with a partner. Underneath there might be other, more serious layers. For expat parents, away from their own country, culture and family, it […]

Go Gaelic in Luxembourg!

Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg is proud to announce that the first round of the Benelux Gaelic Football Tournament will be hosted in Luxembourg, in Junglinster on Saturday, 28 March 2015. The sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling are very popular in Ireland, but these traditional exciting team sports have spread beyond Ireland and are now played […]

Typical Luxembourgish

Typical Luxembourgish – at least for an expat… Vakanz Luxembourgers value their holidays highly. As luck has it, Luxembourg is blessed with quite a few weeks of annual holiday, so once one holiday is over, it’s time to plan for the next! The planning often centres on a certain level of comfort – key word Fënnef […]

Nordic women go for it in Lux

Discover inspirational female entrepreneurship the Nordic way in Luxembourg. On Sunday March 29, you get the chance to meet Nordic women with Nordic know-how who started their own business in Luxembourg, within a wide range of activities; Art, food, fashion & style, health & beauty, jewellery, design & decoration, baby products and consulting; more than […]

Click for a doctor

Doctena.lu, online booking for medical appointments in Luxembourg, quickly became a success and is now expanding: From the start in September 2013, the ambition of Doctena has been to make medical appointments easier through an online booking tool, that patients in Luxembourg rapidly embraced.Today, the patient can choose from 60 000 available appointment slots with over 150 practitioners covering […]

Have your cake and eat it too

Bergamote Restaurant, 2, Place de Nancy, Belair. Gourmet restaurant with feelgood factor much thanks to the people working there. Casual, relaxed and friendly athmosphere, and the right place to discover the taste of – bergamot. Café de Paris, at the Place d’Armes. Wine bar and bistro. A CLEW fav for an after-shopping crémant or a […]

Online Help Service

A new service dedicated to the English speaking community of Luxembourg has been launched this year by Kanner Jugend Telefon (KaJuTel) . The Online Help Service will answer any questions big or small regarding parenting in Luxembourg . Whether you need information, advice or just someone to listen, the service is anonymous and completely confidential. […]

Komm, mir léiere Lëtzebuergesch!

“I just get by so well without it, everybody speaks French, German and/or English, it’s amazing!” “I just can’t face learning yet another language” (often combined with first statement) “There’s no way I’ll need it when I move on” (often combined with first statement) “No time!” “It’s such a funny little language” (“funny” either as in […]

Interact with art

Put a museum of modern art on your agenda for the Carnival holiday. Museums of modern art are inspiring, interesting, challenging and fun, in large part because they leave all the room you want or need to interpret freely and interact with art. It feels quite instinctive.They might leave you with a sense of peace […]