Bilingual babies

Are you worried that your little one has too many languages to cope with? A recent study on bilingualism in babies might reassure you. Many of us have been asked questions about grammatical rules in our own language to which our immediate answer has been: “I don’t really know, it’s just the way it is…”

Young girl in a cyber world

Sexting. Slut shaming. Familiar words? To many young girls they are, and the Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 recently had a look at these words and their broader context. “Girls are in trouble” psychologist Steve Biddulph says on the show. Sexting: Send sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone (source: Oxford Dictionaries). Slut […]

Light on smart cities

In an urban picture of globalization, movement of people and economic and technological changes, cities have to think smart to keep up. Luxembourg is really smart for its size, and the city of Aalborg, Denmark gives Nordic light a new meaning. A team from universities in Vienna, Delft and Ljubljana compared the competitiveness and sustainable […]

The multitasking myth

Women are better at multitasking than men. Researchers put this popular belief to the test, and the results were surprising. The word multitasking easily conjures up an image of a woman cooking while breastfeeding and sorting out expat bureaucracy on the phone. Or that of a man stopping whatever it is he’s doing because you […]

European Year of Citizens

2013 is designated by the European Commission as the European Year of Citizens. National, regional and local events across the EU, often at a grassroot level, will aim to inform EU citizens about their rights and opportunities. “I am European”, Steven Weinberg said in our portrait of him in this issue. He appreciates what he calls […]

Appy New Year

No, appy is not French for “happy”, it’s all about a few free expat apps and a couple of Lux apps that might come in handy in the new year.