Everybody has a story to tell

Turkish Rhapsody

She looks tiny as she enters the huge café where we have decided to meet for a chat, but as soon as she sits down at the blue table, which happens to match her neat jacket, she takes up more space. A strong and gentle presence in her hazel eyes and frequent, careful smiles. And […]

Richter’s Remix

55 year young barefoot DJ, riding an old Harley. Believes in the power of thought and the power of now. In orbit. No, this is not a hippie with midlife crisis. It is more of a midlife reflection from RTL’s Holger Richter. Holger Richter has been breathing radio – Berlin’s 100, 6 in and 98, […]

Getting off at “Semaphore Station”

There’s something about old abandoned train stations. Nostalgia and a whiff of former glory and buzz. A landmark, a meeting point, and the starting point of a journey. Some get a new life, like the tiny Oetrange station in Luxembourg. Walking up the creaky stairs, there’s a smell of creativity. And if you can’t smell […]

My life with dogs

They get out of the car faster than you can count them and run cheerfully around to find the perfect spot to do what any dog has to do before hitting the road. They don’t mind one bit that it’s raining cats and – well, dogs. Except Frank the Mops who’s not feeling great and […]

Lady Sings the Jazz

Brasserie Neumünster is filling up with jazz lovers. Some read the paper and have a coffee or an early beer while they wait. Before long, people are standing in the back and by the door, or sitting down wherever they can fit. They’re a mixed crowd. The youngest listener is lying on a table waving […]

Pernilla’s perspective

Sometimes expat life can be your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do. After she moved to – and fell in love with – Luxembourg, Swedish Pernilla Linder found time and space to write. Today, she is a published author. “High hills and deep valleys, vines, beech forests and rivers, steel industry, banks […]

You can go far in a tiny old car

You know what a relief it is every time you meet people who will always say “no problem!”? Steven Weinberg is one of those people. He is also a globetrotter, adventurer, explorer and much more. This “no problem” attitude comes in handy when you’re an adventurer. Steven Weinberg has dived every diveable ocean, and travelled […]