Am I going to have a heart attack doctor??

It is funny, but nobody ever asks me that question. Doctors love to talk about cardiovascular risk (i.e. your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke). Patients often get very upset if their cholesterol is a little bit out of range, or their blood pressure is too high, but patients and doctors are […]

Stroke – act FAST

We’ve all heard of “heart attacks” but have you heard of a “brain attack”? The National Health Service of the UK had a publicity campaign a few years ago about stroke, where they “rebranded” strokes to try and teach the public that they need to act fast if they suspect somebody is having one.

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

Like the New Order tune, some call it Blue Monday. Others, such as blues guitarist T-Bone Walker, see it as stormy. Many might find Mondays to be manic. Just ask The Bangles about that. And believe it or not, one person shot eleven people simply because she didn’t like Mondays. That’s what the Boomtown Rats song […]

Is there a doctor in the house?

“Hello, this is your captain speaking. If there is a doctor on board, please could you make yourself known to the cabin crew?” My heart sinks. I press my call button and whisper to the airhostess that I am a doctor. She explains to me that there is an old lady who is ill and […]

The chairman of the bored

Dan Franch on why boredom is good for you: “I’m bored,” sang Iggy Pop in his 1979 song of the same name. The lyrics describe a person who bores himself “to sleep at night… in broad daylight”; pretty much all the time. Professional help is required to prevent such chronic boredom from turning into depression, […]

Warts & verrucas

Warts and verrucas, not life-threatening, not dangerous, but a nuisance, not very pretty and sometimes sore. They are both caused by human papilloma viruses, and eventually, unless your immune system is suppressed, your body will launch an immune response and they will go. In healthy children or adults, half will go within 1 year and […]

Coping with winter

Katie Nail on how to get through the short days and grey skies, waiting for spring. Growing up in Florida, I always found “winter” to be an enjoyable time. It was the one time of year that I could wear a jacket and “real” shoes, there was the excitement of Christmas, the sun was always […]

What about those e-cigarettes?

I was certainly celebrating on New Year’s Eve this year, and not just to welcome in the New Year for the usual reasons. Finally, finally, Luxembourg has caught up with much of the rest of Europe. From the 1st January, we will be able to go to a bar for a drink without coming out […]


Are you alive? If so, then you worry. Do you have a job, kids, friends, possessions? If so, then you worry even more. Worry is an inevitable aspect of living. It is something we like to do as humans. The idea that people like to worry isn’t so far-fetched. Worry gives you a sense of […]

DIY: Coconut body scrub

Relax with a shower or bath – using a homemade body scrub to freshen up your dry and pale winter skin. It takes you only about five minutes to make this – and you can even make a nice gift out of half of the batch!