The morning after

Room spins, nausea, dry mouth, stonking headache, sensitive stomach… The morning after the night before can make you wonder why you still have not learnt your lesson. Hangovers are hell, and obviously the best thing is to drink sensibly and avoid them in the first place. But with Christmas party season in full swing, we can […]

Fitter in 21 days

Common barriers for people who want to start exercising and get in shape are: No time No equipment No knowledge or background in physical  fitness Good news, people: No problem! You actually don’t really need those things to get started. It takes (hardly) no time, equipment or knowledge to get a great workout and get in […]

Nothing in the news but the blues

Spying. Snowden. Syria. Savar. Banking secrecy. 2013 has brought with it a sibilant hiss of bad luck to various parts of the globe. And there’s still two months to go. Thus, one might be forgiven to think the world’s going to hell in a hand basket. It’s easy to give up and let yourself slide […]


How are your stress levels? Often my patients reply that they are fairly high, and in this day and age, life can be pretty full on for many of us at times. But a solution could be close at hand; there is lots of scientific evidence to support a technique called “mindfulness”. It has been shown […]

Autumn blues

“Autumn Blues”. It’s a 1960 piano instrumental by Bobby Darin. It’s also an apropos title for this time of year seeing as autumn has just arrived and can bring about some of those blue feelings. There are several reasons for that. Life gets busier, days get shorter, weather gets colder, and leaves get shaken from […]

Mind-body medicine: Stress and the power of belief

Life is a subjective experience for each of us. How you interpret any event in your  life determines your view of life. How you perceive your environment can be more important to your well-being than the actual environment itself.  Your perception also impacts your state of health because your mind and body are deeply connected. […]

Sun confusion!

Finally the sun has come out in Luxembourg. After a long grey winter that left many of my patients feeling down in the dumps, and everyone with vitamin D levels in their boots, we can put on our shorts and sun dresses and head to the outdoor swimming pools. Or can we? I am confused. […]

The gardening workout

Gardening and yard work are the main causes of back and/or neck pain during the spring and summer months. The good news is that this discomfort is preventable. Gardening should be considered as another type of exercise. Warming up before digging, and using the proper techniques and tools will help promote pain-free gardening activity. Take a […]

Once a wish, twice a kiss…

Itchy eyes, blocked nose, sneezing, itchy throat – doesn’t take a doctor to diagnose a case of hay fever or “seasonal allergic rhinitis”. It is common and it can really make people’s lives a misery, just when you should be outside enjoying the good weather (what good weather I hear you ask?) So what is […]

Awareness: An important sexually transmitted infection

So here is the clue (or CLEW): It is an important sexually transmitted infection with three initials, the first being H and the last V… I would guess that most of you would have said HIV, but then you would be wrong. I’m thinking of HPV, which stands for Human Papilloma Virus. HPV is the […]