Marathon of memories

When you’re an expat, you need to come back to places of good memories: Walk the streets of the city love of your life, slightly puzzled that people keep smiling at you then realising you have this constant, possibly goofy, smile on your face yourself that you somehow can’t wipe off. The same streets you trotted […]

Expat and the City (let’s leave out the S)

When the partially homesick desperate expat wife goes to certain big cities, she might suddenly and surprisingly find herself longing for a new expat experience. In New York for example, she gets all confused, wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw (or at least have her job) instead of Susan, or – God forbid – Charlotte instead […]

A red, white and blue high

When you visit your home country after many years abroad, do you feel: a)      like a stranger/foreigner b)      patriotic to the point of bursting c)       like a funny/good/awkward mix of a) and b)

The S-therapy

Desperate expat wife or not, we can all be hit by the gloom of everyday life, and a few tricks to get us out of it might come in handy. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, we’re talking about simple – possibly banal, but at times highly efficient – everyday forms of therapy. CLEW introduces the S-therapy: […]

You look smashing!

March 1st is World Compliment Day. That makes me think back to my first time in New York, where people threw compliments at me on the street and I was completely caught off guard. Especially coming from a deeply rooted small town mentality of “who do you think you are?” and “you must not think […]

A penny for your thoughts

Sometimes I wonder if my brain follows the outside temperature, for example when it hits freezing point. Now, in my situation – you know, the expat wife situation – I can allow my brain to come to full stop on days like these. Not at all indicating that expat wife brains stop more easily, I am […]

Happy New Year

While waiting to pay for your groceries, do you ever look at what the person behind you is buying, placing your imagination in between the milk cartons and veggies to get a small glimpse of who that person is and where he or she’s off to later? I just did my last grocery shopping in 2013, getting ready […]

Christmas (con)fusion

Christmas musings from the Desperate Expat Wife – to kiss or not to kiss and can we really have champagne with the porridge? In Norway, friends greet each other with a good ol’ bear hug. But when we went to a Christmas get together with Norwegian friends here in Luxembourg the other day, there was […]


Expat Dictionary, word of the month: Netpat noun /net’pæt/:  an expat communicating with fellow expats and/or seeking support, advice and possibilities linked to expat life on the Internet. Please note that the explanation says nothing about desperate expats, wives or others, quite simply because the word has nothing to do with being desperate. Not as long […]

September Song

Oh, it’s a long, long while from May to December But the days grow short when you reach September… All of a sudden the green anticipation of May seems long gone, and the days have indeed grown short. Still, I had planned to claim that September is always nice in Luxembourg, but realise I have […]