Wider shades of home

Each summer, when I go home to my native Norway, I see it in different shades. Always a wider shade of beauty, sometimes a narrower shade of mind. Summer shades, seen from the outside and the seaside… …of little islands pleasantly dotting the archipelago… of hard, naked, sloping rocks washed smilingly smooth and soft by […]

I am an expat wife, but does it define me?

Expat dictionary, word of the month: Expat wife. A woman who follows her husband abroad, often for his job, while her new job is caretaker and taxi driver. She takes care of the kids, the home / showroom, herself (as in shopping, body treatments and tennis) and the social network (as in voluntary work, lunches […]

Spring – searching for shadows

Baby green, the darling buds, snowdrops and daffodils, the tweeting (of real birds mind you), that smell in the air unlike any other and that something in the air. The clichés are never more numerous nor more beautiful than in spring. Spring fever hits a large portion of the population, caused by a very healthy […]

Macho HQ

The desperate expat wife is blond enough to know next to nothing about cars. She likes to name her cars, they’re always female, and always small and cute and quite old, but she’ll forget from one time to the next how to open the hood. She’s very protective of her cute little car and doesn’t much care about big […]

Friendship divorce

Expat dictionary: Friendship divorce. Either a two-way split-up, when friends mutually, often tacitly, agree on a divorce, or one-way, when a friend divorces you and you want her to stay, or vice versa. Separation by geography can be a contributing factor to a friendship divorce. If we stay friends with our childhood friends – the […]

Babel Bubbles

When you move to a new country, learning the local language should be a must – at least it’s a very good idea – as a sign of respect, humility and willingness to adapt, but also to make it easier for yourself to get to know people and how things work. I know all this, […]

The Monty Python Approach to Expat Life

New to expat life (as an expat wife?) or simply still dealing with it? In the true spirit of Monty Python – here’s the bright side: 1. The Melting Pot Thingy If you knock on your neighbour’s doors, you’d easily count to at least 10 nationalities. In a crowded restaurant, you’d quickly lose count. In […]

The Expat Limbo

From the Expat Dictionary: expat limbo.  A condition of being between a rock and a hard place in which you might find yourself after a certain time as an expat. Your home country being the rock, your new country the hard place or vice versa. Somebody once said to us: “If you want to go […]

Expat life and second chances

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.  – Harrison Ford. The famous second chance. Normally, we all deserve at least one, but I would say several of them. That is of course because we all need them, very few of us are superhuman. And we need […]

White Christmas – Blue January

We had the best Christmas in our little French corner of the world, somewhere by the usually calm and gentle but this time somewhat capricious Med! There was even something fairytalish about the dark sea on the first night of a brand new year. So much so that I actually believe there must have been a fairy present, working her magic, casting her spell, turning me into – Eeyore. You know, Pooh’s gloomy companion.