Bowling with Houston’s expat guys

Heidi met up with Norwegian stay-at-home expat guys in Houston, Texas to find out if they’re taking domestic work and childcare seriously, or are living the high life with sports cars and work-outs while their wives are working. Join them for Bowling Tuesday! Six guys show up. They tie their shoelaces and scan the shelves […]

Christmas around the world

Being an expat might take you to several parts of the world. Even if you would prefer to celebrate Christmas together with family in your home country, taking part in other cultures’ celebrations gives you a lot too. The first time we lived abroad, observing all the outside Christmas decorations and lights in the colors […]

Evacuated in Arctic Alaska

Visiting the native villages in Arctic Alaska is like entering into another world. When we went to Point Hope and were hit by a hurricane, we were evacuated together with the citizens and became a part of this world too. When the small twin-propeller airplane descended into the village of Point Hope, on the north […]

Newfoundland – a heartwarming jewel

Newfoundland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean not far from where the Titanic met its destiny. It’s the easternmost point of North America, off the coast of Canada. Even though the location might seem remote, and the icy surrounding waters may be cold, the people here have the biggest hearts on the American continent. […]

A taste of sunshine

This story starts with a picture of a Norwegian water bottle taken at a private dock in Florida and ends with an impulsive purchase of a house in the same place four months later. When people from the northern parts of Europe get a taste of sunshine and warm climate year-round, something happens. In our […]

Totally Texas!

When you move to another country there is a lot to learn; rules, regulations and school systems just being a few. This column was actually a college assignment when I lived in Katy, Texas. It’s about my Norwegian friends trying to adjust, written with humor and a little twist. No offence to my American readers! […]

Exotic Alaska gives it all

When you’re an expat, friends and family often come to visit. While living in Brazil we could send our guests to the beach. In Alaska however, you need to make a detailed program, because you cannot just send them out in the woods to be attacked by a moose or a bear. When people travel […]

Trouble in Paradise!

Who hasn’t been dreaming about moving abroad for a period of time, living the good life in a new and exciting culture. However, reality might hit you like a boomerang in the forehead before you even land! Going to exotic places for vacations is great, while moving to these places is completely different. Suddenly you […]

The Great Race of Mercy

In the winter of 1925, a diphtheria epidemic threatened the Arctic village of Nome, Alaska, a crisis too terrible to imagine. An outbreak could kill most of the region’s population of 10.000. They needed antitoxin and the dog sled race from Nenana to Nome that brought medicine became the founding of Iditarod. In January 1925, […]

Anchorage’s crazy social season

You would think that people stayed inside their warm, cozy homes during the cold Alaskan winter. Well, they do not. The more snow that falls or the colder it gets – the more galas and celebrations! The season kicks off right after New Year’s. They have hardly had time to clean up before the Fire […]