Imagine it, play it & let people love it

All good things must come to an end – this is our last Clew edition. We will end the Clew story with some encouragement along your expat way. Beata encourages you to be weird and weak around your friends – inspired by Friends – and don’t forget the importance of humour. I guess everybody has […]

A bow to Bowie

What’s on your list of things you’d really like to do but never find or take the time to do? You know, the “One Day I’ll…”-list. Read those books, watch those movies, see those places, take that class, make that playlist… This weekend I actually did one of those things, well at least I got started. […]

Colour musings

During Advent – while waiting for Christmas and for the next #TuesdayIsClewsDay – Clew did some colour musings on Facebook:

I know where I am in the world right now

At Christmas time, I adore listening to Tori Amos’ CD  ‘Midwinter Graces’, possessed since 2009, containing her own Christmas carols. If you don’t know who she is, Tori Amos has continuously been releasing brave albums without choking for the last 23 years. Fairy tale musical ‘The Light Princes’ was one of the latest challenges she dedicated herself […]

Poetry in… static equilibrium – Q&A

What came first, the question or the answer? A wild guess? It seems inconsequential. And yet, every once in a while a question is left unanswered and every once in a while there seems to be an answer that is  given without a former question. Because these days answers are just a click away. Floating […]

The linguistic je ne sais quoi

There are so many things the French do better…isn’t it…? Perhaps not as many as they seemingly like to think… or as we seem to think that they like to think (well… one of the two).  But sometimes yes, they do do things better. I won’t get into neither haute couture nor haute culture nor haute […]

Hello from the outside

Adele’s latest music video Hello smashed records at the entertainment platform, delivering more than 25 million views on the day of its release. The extremely talented artist certainly does not fit into the typical pattern of a pop star ( ..wonder if she still secretly smokes). There aren’t many divas out there who can […]

Add Some Music To Your Day: Snowapple

In the online music world, one click leads to another, to one discovery after the other and one coup de coeur after the other. Clew shares musical clicks: Dutch girl band Snowapple. Snowapple. The name alone makes you want to listen to the music of this refreshingly quirky girl group, and chances are you’ll keep listening. […]