Scents from the past: Ghost signs

Clew’s Silvia La Rosa dives into the world of ghost signs: Sometimes it’s easy to feel like a part of history, a witness of the past, the sense of time lost. All it takes is a walk along the lively streets of London to be catapulted inside a faded postcard: This is the enchantment of ghost signs. […]

The 4 Building Blocks of Networking

While driving through Luxembourg, I always marvel at how the once sleepy, agricultural country has transformed its sprawling pastures into glamorous buildings of steel and glass. For 20 plus years, the Grand Duchy has had the highest GDP per capita in the world and new construction sites seem to pop up weekly. Foundations quickly get […]


15 more creative icebreaker questions you can use in parties, a get together, trainings, meetings… 1.If you could have a super power, what would it be? Think flying, being invisible, turning things to stone, making everyone happy,… 2.What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? This can be weird, horrible, beautiful. The strangest, most blue and […]

15 creative icebreaker questions

When running a creative thinking workshop, it’s a good idea to let icebreakers and interesting games lighten up the more theoretical part. Once when I was in a training myself, the icebreaker, introductory question to participants was ‘What is your favorite drink?’. And although it was interesting to hear that some people prefer water over beer, I […]