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Clew is an online magazine for expats everywhere and any reader anywhere who might enjoy the Clew take on things – bringing you new & good reads every Tuesday. The Clew Crew, working to provide you with interesting / useful / helpful / thought-provoking / fun reads and photos:

alisonAlison Korter-Lacki


Food freak, dishing it up!

English, has lived in Luxembourg for a really long time.



anjeAnje Kirsch

Behind the camera

Professional photographer from Germany, currently living in the Netherlands.



ann-kristinAnn-Kristin Øvreeide

Has all these great ideas about how to zest up your home.

Norwegian, dividing her time between Luxembourg and Spain, decorating homes in both places.



danDan Franch

Talking about different aspects of life with a man’s view but more importantly in his own way

From Chicago, lived in Luxembourg for a long time with an African interval, and now living in Estonia.


heidiHeidi Nesttun Sunde

Presenting her hilarious Expat Tales

Norwegian journalist and experienced expat wife

Lived in St. John’s Canada, 2 x Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Texas and  Alaska. Now back in Norway.


lisaLisa Fuchs

Kitchen creativity and photography

Swedish, has lived in Stockholm, Galway, Munich, Copenhagen, Dubai and Luxembourg, now living in and loving Berlin. Author of the book “Delicious grainfree baking” 


lisbethLisbeth Ganer

Photographer – the beauty is in the detail, and in people

Norwegian living in Luxembourg for a long time.



miranda2Miranda Van Den Heuvel

Nourishing your creativity and meeting creative people

Dutch, born and raised in Luxembourg, has lived in Holland and Paris

Creative coach


ruteRute Vendeirinho

Feeds your wanderlust.

Portuguese, living in Luxembourg.



silviaSilvia La Rosa

Mostly writes about lifestyle related issues, and always in her own, poetic way.

Silvia is from Sicily, and went back and forth Sicily – Luxembourg for a while before she made the move to the Grand Duchy.


soranaSorana Popescu

Romanian, expat for several years, muses about aspects of life in her own way.

Currently living in Luxembourg.


avatar1Unni Holtedahl

Founder, editor and contributor.

Norwegian journalist, has lived in Luxembourg for much longer than she thought



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