Lëtz Create – Marije van Kempen

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The April talk is with leather goods designer Marije van Kempen. 1. What is CREATIVITY? I think the basis is finding out what makes you happy and what you love to do. Take time […]

Picture picture on the wall

A trend that I see more and more often is a picture wall, or a memory wall if you prefer. Instead of hanging up only one item, try to find pieces that look good together and then group them on the wall. They will make a great statement and focal point.

The furniture challenge

Shopping for furniture in Luxembourg can be a bit of a challenge. These are the CLEW suggestions on where to go.

Light up!

Light is essential for all of us, also indoor light. So how do you light up a room? Perhaps you, like many others, buy a lamp because ”it looks nice” or ”it fits perfectly with the rest of my furniture” or simply just because of the price tag? Vetro from Rikke Frost

Just peanuts

The calendar says January, yet not much winter in Luxembourg. But that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about our little flying friends out there. Prepare some snacks for the birds so they know where to find it when nature puts its winter coat on. I have made a couple of food stations in my garden, simply […]

A tree or not a tree?

For some of us Christmas is all about traditions. We use the same decorations every year, the angels have their place on the mantel and everyone knows where the tree is supposed to be. For others this is not the case, for many reasons; you’re a student who just moved away from home, your place […]

Lëtz Create – Patrice Parisotto

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The December talk is with jewelry designer Patrice Parisotto. 1. What is CREATIVITY? Creativity in jewelry is the fine art of elevating precious natural materials to fascinating and admirable emotions.

Bring in nature

Now is the time to get into your Wellingtons and take a walk in the forest. Bring some of the outdoors inside next time you set a table, or simply decorate the house with what you can find; stones, leaves, branches or cones. Nature is out there offering a lot, its up to you to […]

Halloween DIY

It’s Halloween time, and here’s a quick DIY for you or the kids. Simply take a red candle and drip the melted wax on some block candles, and then press some nails into the candles. Voilà! So easy anyone can do it! Text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, Halloween 2013


Sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house. Hopefully, your home is one of your feelgood places, but there are also local online places to go for that feelgood feeling, and some of them can also up the feelgood factor of your home. Head over to studiomick.com for local designs that makes you smile: […]