Hilarious vacationing

When you live abroad as an expat, you like to explore the areas around where you’ve ended up. Expeditions may turn out to be on the edge of hilarious and interesting at the same time; like the hotel owner’s dog that chose to sit at the breakfast table next to a British lady in Brazil, […]

Sharing enlightens your holiday

Living abroad means that you might spend Christmas far away from family and friends. Even if new countries and new traditions might be very different from what you are used to, it all comes down to sharing with others. The first Christmas we celebrated abroad was in Canada, with an overwhelming amount of colored lights, […]


Have you ever been riding down the road and someone unexpectedly throws their car door open just as you are approaching? While this typically happens to cyclists, where there are narrow roads it happens to car drivers as well. If on a bike, you could possibly go flying into the opened door of the parked […]

Passage to Persia

CLEW reviews books with an expat touch: Passage to Persia, written by Margaret A. Frame. For CLEW by Summertime Publishing. Dr. Kibbe traveled to Persia – in what is now known as Iran – as a young single woman in the 1920s. Through her many letters to her family, the reader gets a glimpse of a time […]

Expat and the City (let’s leave out the S)

When the partially homesick desperate expat wife goes to certain big cities, she might suddenly and surprisingly find herself longing for a new expat experience. In New York for example, she gets all confused, wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw (or at least have her job) instead of Susan, or – God forbid – Charlotte instead […]

My crazy landlords!

When you’re moving to another country for a couple of years or more, you have to find a place to live. Renting is often the only alternative, so you look for a nice house in a good neighborhood and school district, but often forget to do a background check on the landlord. This may turn […]

Chased by the weather gods

Being an expat, new continents with different climates might be a part of your daily life. Before moving to places like Newfoundland, Brazil, Texas and Alaska I had an idea of how it would be – but, as it turned out, I couldn’t be more wrong! Our first expat assignment brought us to St. John’s, […]

Is there a doctor in the house?

“Hello, this is your captain speaking. If there is a doctor on board, please could you make yourself known to the cabin crew?” My heart sinks. I press my call button and whisper to the airhostess that I am a doctor. She explains to me that there is an old lady who is ill and […]

Christmas around the world

Being an expat might take you to several parts of the world. Even if you would prefer to celebrate Christmas together with family in your home country, taking part in other cultures’ celebrations gives you a lot too. The first time we lived abroad, observing all the outside Christmas decorations and lights in the colors […]

Evacuated in Arctic Alaska

Visiting the native villages in Arctic Alaska is like entering into another world. When we went to Point Hope and were hit by a hurricane, we were evacuated together with the citizens and became a part of this world too. When the small twin-propeller airplane descended into the village of Point Hope, on the north […]