Just peanuts

The calendar says January, yet not much winter in Luxembourg. But that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about our little flying friends out there. Prepare some snacks for the birds so they know where to find it when nature puts its winter coat on. I have made a couple of food stations in my garden, simply […]

Exotic Alaska gives it all

When you’re an expat, friends and family often come to visit. While living in Brazil we could send our guests to the beach. In Alaska however, you need to make a detailed program, because you cannot just send them out in the woods to be attacked by a moose or a bear. When people travel […]

Please Mister Postman

Nice Matin reports that in one of the heights of Nice, the inhabitants of a particular street have a somewhat peculiar problem. They haven’t seen the postman –  or their mail – for almost three months. The reason for this disappearance is two dogs, blocking the road in a rather threatening manner every time the […]

My life with dogs

They get out of the car faster than you can count them and run cheerfully around to find the perfect spot to do what any dog has to do before hitting the road. They don’t mind one bit that it’s raining cats and – well, dogs. Except Frank the Mops who’s not feeling great and […]