Where are we now?

Even if Clew is no longer going strong, its contributors are! Check out what the ex-Clews are doing and feel free to follow us! If you’re into interior & styling, DIYs or you’d like to shop for vintage treasures, visit our ex-decorista, the talented Ann-Kristin, on mintbyme.com If you’re into photography, visit our wonderful ex-photographer Lisbeth on lisbethganerphotography.com […]


Mens sana in corpore sano. Most of us are thinking about this phrase more or less consciously on a daily basis. Trying to eat healthier, exercise more (stay fit), visit places with fresher air as often as we can. And most of us, every now and then, try to feed  our minds as well. Options are […]

Gateway to Luxembourg – sculptures

The first “Walfer International Sculpture Symposium” is taking place right now and until July 11. Six internationally renowned sculpture artists are creating a work of art based on the theme “Walferdange – gateway to Luxembourg”. Every day until July 11 you can come to “Am Becheler” in Bereldange and follow the evolution of the works of art of […]

The perfect girly weekend: Madrid

Mini-series: Rute Vendeirinho takes you to her favourite girly destinations for a weekend, including insider tips and where to go for a girly weekend photo session! Next stop Madrid Are you desperate for that perfect weekend away with your girlfriends? If so, prepare yourself, forget about the household, the mummy duties… and embrace some girly pampering for […]

Nordic women go for it in Lux

Discover inspirational female entrepreneurship the Nordic way in Luxembourg. On Sunday March 29, you get the chance to meet Nordic women with Nordic know-how who started their own business in Luxembourg, within a wide range of activities; Art, food, fashion & style, health & beauty, jewellery, design & decoration, baby products and consulting; more than […]

Interact with art

Put a museum of modern art on your agenda for the Carnival holiday. Museums of modern art are inspiring, interesting, challenging and fun, in large part because they leave all the room you want or need to interpret freely and interact with art. It feels quite instinctive.They might leave you with a sense of peace […]

Lëtz Create – Mea Bateman

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The October talk is with artist Mea Bateman. 1. What is CREATIVITY? For me creativity is about letting my imagination run free, giving my curiosity plenty of space, and not being afraid to try new […]

Creative artist on two continents

Christina Roos is a Swedish ceramist, illustrator and assistant professor, with studios in Houston and on an island in Gothenburg’s archipelago. She gets inspiration from her everyday life. The tasks are many, and so are the challenges. The electrical gate opens silently an early morning hour. The low building, covered with corrugated iron, sits lonely […]

Lëtz Create – Signe Admine-Bugeja

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The September talk is with glass artist and designer Signe Admine-Bugeja. 1. What is CREATIVITY? Creativity is taking everyday objects and look at them from different perspectives. It is a process whereby, trough a playful, […]

Visit Semaphore Art Studios

SEMAPHORE ART STUDIOS was founded in 2008 in the charming old train station Oetrange Gare by Swedish artist painter Jeanette Bremin. Luxembourgish printmaker and painter Diane Jodes joined Jeanette in 2011, and American painter and sculptor Robert Hall in 2013. This October, you can discover the recent works of these artists in a unique and friendly […]