Violet edition: HUG!

Clew’s recent colour musings have been leading up to this magnificent colour: Violet. Violet as in creativity, poetry, flowers, mystery, expectation…and Clew. Violet is Clew’s colour, and it is often regarded as the colour of wisdom and creativity. So our 3rd anniversary edition (already!) will revive some of our old words of wisdom and creativity. Any post about […]

Getting home in time

Most topics can be seen from an expat angle. Using the geometrical angle, one side will be the sheer physical distance and the other socio-cultural changes. The endpoint is personal change and a new take on things ranging from small to big and from fun to serious. Even death is within this angle. It was […]


Have U Given one today? It’s late January — the dead of winter — and life has gotten you down. It’s dark. It’s cold. Maybe there’s snow, maybe not. It makes no matter. It gets lonely this time of year as you turn inside… inside your house, inside yourself. Whether intentional or not, you may […]

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

Like the New Order tune, some call it Blue Monday. Others, such as blues guitarist T-Bone Walker, see it as stormy. Many might find Mondays to be manic. Just ask The Bangles about that. And believe it or not, one person shot eleven people simply because she didn’t like Mondays. That’s what the Boomtown Rats song […]

The S-therapy

Desperate expat wife or not, we can all be hit by the gloom of everyday life, and a few tricks to get us out of it might come in handy. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, we’re talking about simple – possibly banal, but at times highly efficient – everyday forms of therapy. CLEW introduces the S-therapy: […]

Coping with winter

Katie Nail on how to get through the short days and grey skies, waiting for spring. Growing up in Florida, I always found “winter” to be an enjoyable time. It was the one time of year that I could wear a jacket and “real” shoes, there was the excitement of Christmas, the sun was always […]


Are you alive? If so, then you worry. Do you have a job, kids, friends, possessions? If so, then you worry even more. Worry is an inevitable aspect of living. It is something we like to do as humans. The idea that people like to worry isn’t so far-fetched. Worry gives you a sense of […]

Nothing in the news but the blues

Spying. Snowden. Syria. Savar. Banking secrecy. 2013 has brought with it a sibilant hiss of bad luck to various parts of the globe. And there’s still two months to go. Thus, one might be forgiven to think the world’s going to hell in a hand basket. It’s easy to give up and let yourself slide […]

Autumn blues

“Autumn Blues”. It’s a 1960 piano instrumental by Bobby Darin. It’s also an apropos title for this time of year seeing as autumn has just arrived and can bring about some of those blue feelings. There are several reasons for that. Life gets busier, days get shorter, weather gets colder, and leaves get shaken from […]

A taste of home

Homesick? A touch of the (in)famous (expat) blues? Here’s a Kinderegg quickfix – 3 in 1:  Somewhere you can 1) shout out a cheerful “hello!” in your own language when you open the door, 2) get comfort food from back home and thus 3) pretend is home. And by the way, who says an authentic taste… or drop… or glimpse… of […]