Visits with camera: Maastricht

CLEW photographers bring their cameras to places worth visiting in or easily reachable from Luxembourg.  In Maastricht, you somehow feel farther away than the mere two hours drive from Luxembourg that it is. There’s something about the cuteness & the crowd, the buildings & the bikes, the stroopwafers (syrup waffles) & the shopping. Indeed there’s […]

The Great Danes

Ecco, Lego, B&O, Eva Trio, Royal Copenhagen – I guess you have heard the names before. Danish design has a great reputation in large parts of the world. It started in the 1950ies with pioneer designers such as Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Georg Jensen and Arne Jacobsen, taking Danish design outside of Denmark’s borders. Their […]

Marathon of memories

When you’re an expat, you need to come back to places of good memories: Walk the streets of the city love of your life, slightly puzzled that people keep smiling at you then realising you have this constant, possibly goofy, smile on your face yourself that you somehow can’t wipe off. The same streets you trotted […]


Have you ever been riding down the road and someone unexpectedly throws their car door open just as you are approaching? While this typically happens to cyclists, where there are narrow roads it happens to car drivers as well. If on a bike, you could possibly go flying into the opened door of the parked […]

Expat and the City (let’s leave out the S)

When the partially homesick desperate expat wife goes to certain big cities, she might suddenly and surprisingly find herself longing for a new expat experience. In New York for example, she gets all confused, wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw (or at least have her job) instead of Susan, or – God forbid – Charlotte instead […]

Big city money hunts

Boys will be boys. The wealthy American businessman Jason Buzi has his own way of getting rid of his money, organising big city money hunts with clues announced on Twitter. Those getting ready for Saturday’s Hidden Cash event in Paris were disappointed. According to Huffington Post, the Paris police said no on the grounds that […]

Running on a Saturday night

Last Saturday night’s ING Marathon as seen by the CLEW photographers: Photos by Anje Kirsch and Lisbeth Ganer, 31 May 2014

Visits with camera: Milano

CLEW photographers bring their cameras to places worth visiting in or easily reachable from Luxembourg.  Why not take a city break in Milan? Easyjet will take you there for a very reasonable price directly from Luxembourg. Look, stroll, eat, shop, window shop… Photos by Anje Kirsch, 2014. © 2014 Anje Kirsch

Visits with camera: London

CLEW photographers bring their cameras to places worth visiting in or easily reachable from Luxembourg.  London is close in the sense that it’s easy to get to – so go! Take some deep big city breaths and stock up on them, spend a day looking at people and other creatures, a day in the green…just […]

The magical number seven: 7 things Lux expats shouldn’t miss

7 things you shouldn’t miss in Luxembourg, brought to CLEW readers by Internations: Expats new to Luxembourg may assume there’s not that much to do when it comes to leisure and recreation. After all, the world’s only Grand Duchy numbers among the tinier countries round the globe, both by size and population. Within the EU, only […]