DIY: Bedroom facelift

Is your bedroom bland and simple and in need of a face lift? Here are two quick and easy DIY’s: 1) Buy a piece of fabric (I bought one at Ikea that looks like old, weathered plank) and simply nail it to the wall with small, black nails.   2) Another easy way to zest up for example the guestroom is to […]

Varnished eggs

A different and easy Easter eggs DIYfrom the CLEW decorista. Simply fill a disposable container with water. Drip some drops of nail polish on the water surface and then dip an egg into it. You’ll get the best result if you  colour half the egg first, then let it dry, turn it and do the other half. […]

CLEW recycles: Eggcellent!

CLEW recycles: Our decorista’s DYI dye for Easter eggs Dye your Easter eggs with natural colours. Use what you have in your kitchen – either in your fridge or in your drawer. It’s not very complicated, but it takes a bit of time. For these eggs I used red onion skin, blueberry, spinach, lemon and beetroot. […]

Warts & verrucas

Warts and verrucas, not life-threatening, not dangerous, but a nuisance, not very pretty and sometimes sore. They are both caused by human papilloma viruses, and eventually, unless your immune system is suppressed, your body will launch an immune response and they will go. In healthy children or adults, half will go within 1 year and […]

Just peanuts

The calendar says January, yet not much winter in Luxembourg. But that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about our little flying friends out there. Prepare some snacks for the birds so they know where to find it when nature puts its winter coat on. I have made a couple of food stations in my garden, simply […]

DIY: Coconut body scrub

Relax with a shower or bath – using a homemade body scrub to freshen up your dry and pale winter skin. It takes you only about five minutes to make this – and you can even make a nice gift out of half of the batch!

A tree or not a tree?

For some of us Christmas is all about traditions. We use the same decorations every year, the angels have their place on the mantel and everyone knows where the tree is supposed to be. For others this is not the case, for many reasons; you’re a student who just moved away from home, your place […]

Pimp up your wall

Do you have an outdoor wall that needs a focal point? Let me share a little DIY with you. You need a piece of wood or a branch from the forest, some glass jars (mine are “bonne maman”  jars) and some wire. I guess the pictures speak for themselves on how to do it, just make sure […]

Find your place

A quick DIY for your next dinner party: I got this idea from a friend who went on a wine trip to Burgundy. So easy to do; just cut the wine cork in two and make a little cut on top to place the name tags.   Text and photos: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, April 2013