Going home – a double-edged sword

It’s January and the holidays are looking at our taillights. While it’s not a given, often those of us living abroad end up going back to our homeland this time of year. Even if not during the holidays, we all try to get back to our families at least once every year or two; maybe […]

Visits with camera: Atomium & Antwerp

CLEW photographers bring their cameras to places worth visiting in or easily reachable from Luxembourg.  Belgium can easily be overlooked when picking a close destination, and somehow if we do choose Belgium we seem to stick to the letter B – Brussels, Bruges…. But Belgium does have other letters on offer, so let’s start at the […]

Expat issues: Aging parents

Ana McGinley with advice on how to deal with your aging parents when you live abroad: Every year the number of people embarking on exciting expat assignments increases. For many expats this excitement is dampened by the loss of family we leave behind. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it is […]

Corsican summer

Many people living in Luxembourg are blessed with a generous amount of holiday. So naturally, planning holidays is a favourite pastime.  This weekend, there was a pilgrimage to the Vakanz fair at LuxExpo, but a couple of busloads of Luxembourgers also found their way to Boot – Europe’s largest boat show – in Düsseldorf. Could it […]

The meaning of mealtime

Dan Franch on why eating together is about so much more than food. If you have kids, life is busy. If both you and your spouse have jobs, life is busier. If you are a single parent with a job, life is well… busiest. Add to that lengthening commutes, further demands outside the home, plus […]

Expat friendship – or instant family

Recently, a few tricky situations forced me to actually ask for help from  someone I had only met about one year ago. And I was immediately offered a helping hand, right then and there, at the moment I needed it the most. After that, I started to ask myself questions about the meaning of the new bonds expatriates create. […]

The magical number seven: 7 things Lux expats shouldn’t miss

7 things you shouldn’t miss in Luxembourg, brought to CLEW readers by Internations: Expats new to Luxembourg may assume there’s not that much to do when it comes to leisure and recreation. After all, the world’s only Grand Duchy numbers among the tinier countries round the globe, both by size and population. Within the EU, only […]

Smart grocery shopping

Simple and practical tips on how to improve the way you do your grocery shopping, getting the most out of it and spending less money by the end of the month. Grocery shopping is often expensive, however with a little effort, one can actually have the best products while keeping costs under control. Organization is the […]