Bowling with Houston’s expat guys

Heidi met up with Norwegian stay-at-home expat guys in Houston, Texas to find out if they’re taking domestic work and childcare seriously, or are living the high life with sports cars and work-outs while their wives are working. Join them for Bowling Tuesday! Six guys show up. They tie their shoelaces and scan the shelves […]

Coping with winter

Katie Nail on how to get through the short days and grey skies, waiting for spring. Growing up in Florida, I always found “winter” to be an enjoyable time. It was the one time of year that I could wear a jacket and “real” shoes, there was the excitement of Christmas, the sun was always […]

Christmas (con)fusion

Christmas musings from the Desperate Expat Wife – to kiss or not to kiss and can we really have champagne with the porridge? In Norway, friends greet each other with a good ol’ bear hug. But when we went to a Christmas get together with Norwegian friends here in Luxembourg the other day, there was […]

Where everybody knows your name

Many of us love to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat, or bring our book and enjoy the background buzz of a nice, warm café. We live in a café society. In the brand new book Café Society, sociology professors Tjora and Scambler present research on café culture. They feel the café […]

Evacuated in Arctic Alaska

Visiting the native villages in Arctic Alaska is like entering into another world. When we went to Point Hope and were hit by a hurricane, we were evacuated together with the citizens and became a part of this world too. When the small twin-propeller airplane descended into the village of Point Hope, on the north […]


Expat Dictionary, word of the month: Netpat noun /net’pæt/:  an expat communicating with fellow expats and/or seeking support, advice and possibilities linked to expat life on the Internet. Please note that the explanation says nothing about desperate expats, wives or others, quite simply because the word has nothing to do with being desperate. Not as long […]

Newfoundland – a heartwarming jewel

Newfoundland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean not far from where the Titanic met its destiny. It’s the easternmost point of North America, off the coast of Canada. Even though the location might seem remote, and the icy surrounding waters may be cold, the people here have the biggest hearts on the American continent. […]

Exotic Alaska gives it all

When you’re an expat, friends and family often come to visit. While living in Brazil we could send our guests to the beach. In Alaska however, you need to make a detailed program, because you cannot just send them out in the woods to be attacked by a moose or a bear. When people travel […]

Having a baby in Luxembourg part 2

So the bump is getting bigger, and you have found yourself a gynaecologist who, hopefully, you are getting along well with (see Having a baby in Luxembourg part 1). Time to start preparing yourself for childbirth. There are plenty of good general books to read, my personal favourite being “The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and […]

Friendship divorce

Expat dictionary: Friendship divorce. Either a two-way split-up, when friends mutually, often tacitly, agree on a divorce, or one-way, when a friend divorces you and you want her to stay, or vice versa. Separation by geography can be a contributing factor to a friendship divorce. If we stay friends with our childhood friends – the […]