Prawns in a gutter

If you visit Norway during the summer, you’ll discover that Norwegians love to eat prawns, to the point where we regularly host prawn parties. We like to serve them simply with butter, mayo and lemon, on a piece of white bread. And peeling is part of the fun! So when I recently hosted a «Norwegian» garden party […]

Bring me outside!

When cleaning up my (husband’s) wardrobe, I found an old belt that is no longer in use. Instead of throwing it away I said to myself: «What can I do with this belt?». I always have a project going, and right now it’s renovating a small cabin in Norway that sleeps 8 and has limited space, so […]

Let’s move – outdoors

May. Perhaps my favourite month of the year. Green, blooming, friendly sunshine… I spend as much time as I can outside, making my terrace comfortable. Pillows, furs and blankets, candles and seasonal flowers, a book and a cup of coffee – I’m in heaven. I also brought out a mirror this time, an old window […]