The To Be Another Machine

Haven’t we all wished we could creep into somebody else’s head and under their skin? New technology might bring us one step closer, through “The Machine To Be Another”.

Who does what in the house?

Take a look at these recent statistics published by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on how men and women in different countries spend their time when they’re not working.

Bowling with Houston’s expat guys

Heidi met up with Norwegian stay-at-home expat guys in Houston, Texas to find out if they’re taking domestic work and childcare seriously, or are living the high life with sports cars and work-outs while their wives are working. Join them for Bowling Tuesday! Six guys show up. They tie their shoelaces and scan the shelves […]

Refund for bitchy wives?

A chronically bitchy wife is no reason to get income tax deduction, even though many a frustrated man may think of no better reason. In a tiny village in Northern Norway, a man demanded a thousand euros deduction for “a chronically bitchy wife” in his income tax return, and made a reference to the tax […]

Macho HQ

The desperate expat wife is blond enough to know next to nothing about cars. She likes to name her cars, they’re always female, and always small and cute and quite old, but she’ll forget from one time to the next how to open the hood. She’s very protective of her cute little car and doesn’t much care about big […]

The multitasking myth

Women are better at multitasking than men. Researchers put this popular belief to the test, and the results were surprising. The word multitasking easily conjures up an image of a woman cooking while breastfeeding and sorting out expat bureaucracy on the phone. Or that of a man stopping whatever it is he’s doing because you […]