Say cheese (cake)!

There are so many fantastic recipes for amazing cheesecakes, and surprisingly enough most of them are really easy to make. Also, because of its dense creamy texture it is almost impossible to fail. And personally I think cracks in the cheesy top part are just adorable.

The pancake layer cake

Great food is all about the presentation. If you have friends over and serve pancakes – that’s nice! But if you surprise them with a stacked pancake layer cake they will be impressed! The extra effort is so small – but the result looks amazing. You don’t even have to be very talented to manage […]

Ginger-raspberry cupcake

The challenge when baking gluten free (grain free) and sugar free is the taste. I’m all for “looks” in the sense that the stuff I bake should look delicious, but I also want it to be a taste experience. Last year I read about the health benefits of eating ginger so I started using the […]