Morning Comes and Also the Night

CLEW reviews books – mostly with an expat touch: Morning Comes and Also the Night, written by Marijcke Jongbloed. For CLEW by Summertime Publishing. Morning Comes and Also the Night is the biography of a Dutch family confined in a Japanese internment camp in Indonesia during the Second World War. Due to the dominion of the […]

Passage to Persia

CLEW reviews books with an expat touch: Passage to Persia, written by Margaret A. Frame. For CLEW by Summertime Publishing. Dr. Kibbe traveled to Persia – in what is now known as Iran – as a young single woman in the 1920s. Through her many letters to her family, the reader gets a glimpse of a time […]

Luxembourgers abroad: Fausto Gardini

CLEW talks to Luxembourgers abroad. Meet Fausto Gardini, living in Jacksonville, Florida.  1. When did you move away from Luxembourg, whereto and why? I moved from Luxembourg to Paris, France in 1982, after spending 12 years with LUXAIR, to work for an international company delivering communications and computer services to airlines. In 1984, I transferred to Atlanta, […]

Metz: History, fresh products and comfy food

In less than an hour’s drive from Luxembourg, you can reach a city where the old and the new mix in a smooth way. If you love history, traditional markets, comfy food and special treats, this article is for you. Just make sure you’re not hungry while reading it! Let’s start our journey to this […]

Adopting traditions

Today, 12 days after Christmas, we celebrate Epiphany – or Three Kings Day, or the Twelfth Day – the day baby Jesus was presented to the three wise men. It is a public holiday in many countries.  As expats, we have adopted the tradition of the galette des rois – King cake – a French tradition […]

Searching for special Christmas markets

There are many articles on the Internet listing beautiful Christmas markets all over Europe. However, it is hard to find the really special ones, with the characteristics that define local treasures. To find them, start by asking your friends for recommendations, and search the web some more. Then go there! These are my recommendations for a […]

Lussevaka – an ancient Swedish tradition

Lucia is celebrated since more than 700 years on December 13 in Sweden. Maybe you heard about the young girl with candles in her hair that traditionally not only brings light but also breakfast? But where does it all come from and why is it named after an Italian Saint? Lucia or Lussinatta – the […]


Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Although the Thanksgiving that took place in 1621 is generally considered the first one, it wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared a national holiday for giving thanks. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Celebrating Thanksgiving The traditional reason to celebrate Thanksgiving is […]

Let’s hear it for Monaco!

Today we celebrate a country way tinier than little Luxembourg. It’s the national day of a country of fast cars, few taxes and a mythical royal family – Monaco.

Toussaint – All Saints’ Day

Many of you will get a day off work this Friday, or maybe your partner will, and perhaps it’s another of those mysterious public holidays beginning with A that you’re not really sure what it’s all about. Well, yes, there’s Halloween the night before for our American readers and anyone else who’s claimed that tradition […]