Brrr… a blanket please!

I admit it; one of my favourite hobbies this time of year is to snuggle up in my leather chair with a great book, a cup of tea and a blanket – or two. My white wool blanket has been with me for over 20 years, now that’s what I call a great investment! Yes, I […]

What’s under your feet?

When the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s time to think about what’s under your feet. Having lived with floor tiles (and without floor heating) for quite a few years, I now feel for a really fluffy, cosy and welcoming carpet. Carpets are great for reducing the acoustics in bigger rooms, they’re soft to walk on […]

It’s written on the star

I found an old French book at the market the other day. It was not in its best shape, but I liked the old paper and the fonts. It didn’t take me long before I decided to transform the book into Christmas ornaments. Here is how you make a star… You can of course use a […]

The Great Danes

Ecco, Lego, B&O, Eva Trio, Royal Copenhagen – I guess you have heard the names before. Danish design has a great reputation in large parts of the world. It started in the 1950ies with pioneer designers such as Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Georg Jensen and Arne Jacobsen, taking Danish design outside of Denmark’s borders. Their […]

Lëtz Create – Gabriela Pinaud

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The July talk is with Gabriela Pinaud, creative director of her own studio offering various creative services.  1. What is CREATIVITY? Creativity to me is the art of finding alternative solutions to everyday situations – […]

DIY: Bedroom facelift

Is your bedroom bland and simple and in need of a face lift? Here are two quick and easy DIY’s: 1) Buy a piece of fabric (I bought one at Ikea that looks like old, weathered plank) and simply nail it to the wall with small, black nails.   2) Another easy way to zest up for example the guestroom is to […]

Picture picture on the wall

A trend that I see more and more often is a picture wall, or a memory wall if you prefer. Instead of hanging up only one item, try to find pieces that look good together and then group them on the wall. They will make a great statement and focal point.

The furniture challenge

Shopping for furniture in Luxembourg can be a bit of a challenge. These are the CLEW suggestions on where to go.

Light up!

Light is essential for all of us, also indoor light. So how do you light up a room? Perhaps you, like many others, buy a lamp because ”it looks nice” or ”it fits perfectly with the rest of my furniture” or simply just because of the price tag? Vetro from Rikke Frost

A tree or not a tree?

For some of us Christmas is all about traditions. We use the same decorations every year, the angels have their place on the mantel and everyone knows where the tree is supposed to be. For others this is not the case, for many reasons; you’re a student who just moved away from home, your place […]