Scents from the past: Ghost signs

Clew’s Silvia La Rosa dives into the world of ghost signs: Sometimes it’s easy to feel like a part of history, a witness of the past, the sense of time lost. All it takes is a walk along the lively streets of London to be catapulted inside a faded postcard: This is the enchantment of ghost signs. […]

The perfect girly weekend: London

Mini-series: Rute Vendeirinho takes you to her favourite girly destinations for a weekend, including insider tips and where to go for a girly weekend photo session! First stop London. Are you desperate for that perfect weekend away with your girlfriends? If so, prepare yourself, forget about the household, the mummy duties… and embrace some girly […]

Luxembourgers abroad: Anne Faber

CLEW talks to Luxembourgers abroad. Meet Anne Faber – a (food) journalist and cookbook author with her own cooking TV show. Anne has – among many other things – eaten her way through London for a living. 1. When did you move away from Luxembourg, whereto and why? I left Luxembourg to pursue my studies in […]

Visits with camera: London

CLEW photographers bring their cameras to places worth visiting in or easily reachable from Luxembourg.  London is close in the sense that it’s easy to get to – so go! Take some deep big city breaths and stock up on them, spend a day looking at people and other creatures, a day in the green…just […]